I've been a lot of things but my main job has been Mother to my, now, three young adult children.  A manly 20 year old and two, yes two, 19 years young women warriors.  Hmmm, so hence not the need to micro manage as much and so they say "My time is here."

I've always been hands on with most of the things as my Husband says, are "Hobbies".
I painted canvas acrylics, worked with limestone, sculpting. I do sewing, taking on the adventure of Quilting. All of it I just love doing which I instilled into all of my children. With a background in Kindy I never went back there once I found myself with three under one and a Kindy in my own house.

So always busy at ours. Move forward to 2012ish. Then I think it was an add somewhere that classes for Glass Art popped up. I thought, Hhmm, could be interesting. Did classes for a couple of years. Husband built a barn. I thought, right, I'm claiming a corner, setting up a work shop and Muriwai Fusion was Born.

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